He wrestled and defeated a live grizzly bear. He led a violent but successful campaign against moonshiners, gamblers, prostitutes and organized crime figures. His unusual methods of law enforcement earned him notoriety. He became a local legend for his heroics and at the same time gained him, dangerous enemies.

This was the man – BUFORD PUSSER – the man who became the target of many assassination attempts – one of which took the life of his wife and left him emotionally and physically scarred. The man who eventually became the subject of four “Walking Tall” major motion pictures, including the latest staring big screen actor “The Rock”, which tell about his intriguing life and tragic death.

  • Born: December 12th, 1937 in the community of Finger in McNairy County, Tennessee.
  • Family: Parents – Carl and Helen Pusser, Brother – John Howard Pusser, Sister – Gaylia Pusser Davis, Daughter – Dwana.
  • Graduated: Adamsville High School in 1956, excelling in football and basketball.
  • Enlisted: Marine Corps but was discharged because of asthma.
  • Extra Schooling: Attended morticians school in Chicago.
  • Hobby: Wrestled professionally.
  • Married: in 1959 met and married Pauline Vance, a young, attractive divorcee with two children, Diane and Mike.