The Ohio Spirit Searchers: Summary of Investigation

On Friday, March 19, 2010, an investigation was done at the home and museum of Buford Pusser, located at 342 Pusser St., Adamsville, TN. The findings were as follows.

The rooms downstairs had an average temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit, except the private bedroom of Buford Pusser. The temperature in that room fluctuated from 60 degrees to 16 degrees periodically. The other rooms in the house stayed an average of 59-60 degrees.

An EMF meter measures electromagnetic fields in an area. When energy passes by it, the meter reading goes up significantly. An average reading was .4 in the hall leading to the front door. The EMF meter spiked to 2.8 as one of the investigators passed the hallway asking questions. A lot of Orbs were seen on the surveillance monitor following the investigator as questions were being asked. This happened every time an investigator would pass the same hall asking similar questions.

In the world of the paranormal, an orb is a circular shaped ball of spirit energy believed to contain the soul, personality, and emotions of a deceased person but has not as yet manifested. Large orbs were found in some of the rooms of the house. Mainly in the main living room area upstairs, Buford Pusser’s downstair’s bedroom area, and his mother’s living room area.

An electric voice phenomenon or sound recorder picks up sounds and voices not heard by the human ear. The museum has been given a DVD that recorded a sound that was not heard by the investigator. One of the investigators asked the spirit to communicate with her. She told the spirit to say anything it wanted to say. After analysis of the recording, it was determined that the sound is a voice saying the words, “Wish I knew how.”
With the pictures of unusual happenings, the orbs, the temperature readings, the EMF readings, and the EVP analysis, T.O.S.S. has determined there is Paranormal and Spirit Activity in the home and museum of Buford Pusser. There is no way to determine who or what is causing the activity.

Linda S. Goodman
The Ohio Spirit Searchers