Question for Buford Pusser in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis – July 1972

“How have the people in McNairy County, Tennessee treated you since you’ve become so famous?”
– P. Kent, Seattle, Washington

My close friends treat me no differently than they ever did, and I’d say about 80% of the people in McNairy County are proud of me, or at least they say they are. But there’s a handful that never liked me and still don’t. They resisted every step of my campaign to clean up the corruption, and they have nothing good to say about me now. It’s not that these people like crooks, it’s just that I think they consider me “too big for my britches.” There’s one man in the county –I won’t mention names- who’s always badmouthing me. One of the reasons for that, I think, is because when I was Sheriff I was always after him for passing bad checks. But that’s life. No matter what you do, you can never make friends with everybody. –Buford